What are your flowers made of?

The flowers we use are made of many things including sola wood, pallet wood, burlap, preserved/dried flowers, wedding invitations, book pages, sheet music, maps, and any other form of recycled paper.

What are sola wood flowers?

Sola flowers are made from soft balsa wood. Balsa wood is derived from tapioca plants. In their natural state, they are an ivory/cream color but we can dye them any color you would like. Even though the flowers are made from wood, they are actually quite soft and natural looking. Since each flower is handmade no two flowers are exactly the same and natural variation will occur. That variation is what makes each flower so unique and beautiful. With the right care these flowers will last a lifetime (please keep away from open flame, do not allow prolonged contact with liquids, and keep these delicate items looking beautiful with careful handling).

What is the best way to store my flowers?

Before your event: Your flowers will be wrapped in bubble wrap and safely placed in a large box. It is best to keep them stored this way until your event (of course you can take them out and admire them as much as you want!). Direct sunlight can cause the dyed flowers to fade, so make sure to keep them tucked away.

After your event: Proudly put your bouquet on display anywhere in your house. Air will not hurt your flowers, but remember direct sunlight might! Geek Chic Floral Boutique does offer custom display boxes for your bouquet at an additional cost.

When should I place my order?

Wedding orders require at least 8 weeks processing time, but it is best to book sooner as we only take a certain number of wedding orders a year. Non-Wedding items often has a 5-6 week turnaround time, but it is best to consult with us on how long an order may take. Orders are fulfilled in order they are received.

Can I place a custom order?

Geek Chic Floral Boutique prides themselves on their custom orders. No two orders are the same. Custom flower orders over $100 have a separate policy.

Do the flowers have a scent?

Not in their natural state, but with a couple drops of essential oil on the backside of the flowers they can smell however you please.


Have a question that we didn't cover in our frequently asked questions? Feel free to contact us personally and we will answer whatever questions you have!