Paper Flowers

Geek Chic Floral Boutique specializes in paper flowers. Our paper flowers and leaves can be made out of photos, wedding invitations, sheet music, any book, or any other paper product. Geek Chic Floral Boutique has even gone as far as writing a little fairy tale on a paper leaf for a little girl’s very first father daughter dance.


Photo Flower

Have a favorite photo that you want to display in a unique way? We can turn almost any photo (as long as it is high quality) into a photo flower! Display the flower on a frame, include one in a bouquet, or stick it to the fridge! Photo flowers start at $10.

Invitation-Flower-1 (1).jpg

Paper Flower

Leftover invitations and save the dates, a favorite book, sheet music to a favorite song. Geek Chic Floral Boutique can turn any form of recycled paper into a flower for you to display!



Geek Chic Floral Boutique can dye any form of recycled paper to make a paper hydrangea. Our hydrangeas can be added to our bouquets or can be purchased on their own for home decor. Stand alone hydrangeas start at $12